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Kevin Byer

Kevin Byer YWN 2Kevin is known to many as a kind, compassionate, genuine, joyful, and heart centered person. Naturally very shy and reserved, Kevin has stepped into the world of public speaking and facilitating because he is very passionate about sharing tools and practices that have helped him in his mental and emotional health and wellness in a deep and meaningful way.

Kevin specializes in connecting people to their inner superhero through empowering the development of heroic character traits based on research backed practices from the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

He is motivated to share the practices that have helped him heal emotional wounds, and develop into a more kind, grateful, resilient, compassionate, fulfilled, humble, and confident person. Through facing his own fears that come with public speaking and stepping into his truth, inspiration, and passion in an authentic way, he also aims to inspire others to feel empowered to do the same.

Why helping youth is important to me

There are so many concerning trends in our society today. We see hatred, inequality, bullying, cruelty, selfishness, superficiality, objectification, greed… I’m sure a few more things might pop into your mind as you think about the problems you see today. Youth represent such a wonderful opportunity for positive change for the future, and I see helping youth as a chance to co-create that together. It is a chance for me to share what has deeply helped me in my life so that others can benefit from it at a younger age than I did.

Superheroes are an excellent platform for transformation that I love having the opportunity to work with amongst youth! I know that their influence has done so much for me in my own personal development. Through watching and relating to superheroes, we learn about ourselves. We can learn about what we want to be like, and we can even learn to awaken heroic qualities in ourselves that help us thrive and find happiness, resilience and fulfillment.Kevin Byer picture for YWN 3

For example, as a child I learned about how wrong racism is through the X-men because I saw how they were treated with hate for being different, and because I loved and related to those characters through watching their journey, I felt how wrong it was. Captain America and Superman inspired me to be someone who picks other people up rather than put them down. Spider-man has taught me to use my own heart as a guide rather than seek recognition or praise from others. That helping make the world better for others is one of the greatest and most worthwhile rewards you can receive. Now as an adult I really appreciate how many amazing ways the influence of superheroes have helped positively shape my development. This is why I feel inspired to lead a movement in which we embrace our roles as real life superheroes, one that students can benefit from in a way that is fun, empowering and engaging. What better time to embrace our potential to be superheroes in real life then when we look to them the most as positive role models? Good habits can transform lives and I believe it is so important to see ourselves as the hero of our own story.

What Kevin Offers

In addition to facilitating the YWN flagship program, Wellness Leader Training, Kevin also offers :

Grade K-5:

30-45 minute inspirational ‘Unleash the Superhero Within’ K-5 keynote presentation

Themes of the presentation: compassion, kindness, teamwork, gratitude, resilience, positive self-esteem building

Grade 6-12

1 to 2 hour workshops with anywhere from 10-100 students per workshop

  • Workshops can be tailored based on biggest areas of need participants will be nspired and empowered to reach their highest potential, and have

For more information Kevin’s workshops and programs or to find out how to bring him to your school, e-mail:


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