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Bryan is a wellness coach, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and student of life. He loves to connect with people and offer a receptive ear and open heart that can meet them where they’re at. His journey into wellness began after suffering a ruptured appendix which nearly killed him at age 18 and ultimately invited him to refocus his life in order to learn how to be a healthy and happy human in the 21st century. This journey has brougscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-1-20-04-amht him to where he is now which is working as a coach, public speaker, and facilitator for the YWN. He is a calm, kind, and big thinking individual who sees the potential of those around him and loves to assist in the process of personal transformation and empowerment.

Bryan’s strength is in breaking down complex concepts around health, nutrition and wellness into easy to digest chunks that serve to bring a deeper awareness and connection to the body and to the earth of which our bodies are made.

He recognizes that the chronic mental and physical health issues that are plaguing us are largely a result of our lifestyles and diets and as such works to help create new habits and move people into a more positive and health promoting direction.

Why Helping Youth is Important to Me

I know it is cliché but the youth are the leaders of tomorrow and that being the case I feel responsible to share the knowledge and practices that have helped to transform my life from one of suffering, anxiety and pain into one of health, connection and vibrancy so that others might do the same. To be ignorant is to be powerless to change and I believe that it is our birth-right to live fulfilling lives built upon a foundation of health, and unless we start to do things differently we will probably end up sick, tired, depressed, anxious and likely with some combination of preventable chronic health challenges  like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or heart disease.

In order to create a sustainable future we must learn how to take care of ourselves in a holistic sense and so being able to connect with youth and plant these seeds at an early age feels like one of the most impactful and important things I can do with my time. Youth are receptive, energetic, and able to connect the dots once they have the right information. Witnessing the lightbulbs go off as dots are connected brings me great joy and is one of the motivating factors behind why I work alongside the leaders of tomorrow.

I hope to be able to prevent youth from having to undergo a health crisis like I did and be able to develop a proactive approach to healthy living so that they can live long, healthy, powerful lives that are free of disease and chronic degeneration. If I can shift the direction of someone’s life into a slightly higher level then over time that change will multiply and spread out into the world at large.

What Bryan Offers

In addition to facilitating the YWN flagship program, Wellness Leader Training, Bryan also offers :

Grade K-5:

30-45 minute ‘Eat Well Be Well’ keynote presentation

Themes of the presentation: just eat real food (JERF), gratitude for what we eat, and learning to listen to the body.

Grade 6-12

1 to 2 hour workshops and presentations such as ‘Holistic Nutrition for Youth’ which focuses on nutrition basics, what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, and why it’s important to be discerning with our diets if we want to be energized and able to focus.

  • Workshops can be tailored based on biggest areas of need and can include food demos and tastings of delicious and healthy snacks.

For more information Bryan’s workshops and programs or to find out how to bring him to your school, e-mail:


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