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King Gabriel Quincy Collymore – Regional Manager, Simcoe County

About King Gabriel:

King Gabriel is known to many as a love filled, accepting, cheerful, passionate and compassionate man. He is a published author, qui gong master, reiki master, teacher, musician, professional athlete, electrical engineer (BS) and coach in multiple sports and lives his life centered in love. He has had the honour of sharing the stage with many great leaders, highly regarded speakers, mystics and musicians including, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahin Singh Ji Insan, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Iyanla Vanzant, Steve Harvey, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, The Black Eyed Peas and others. King Gabriel has created, utilized and shared many amazing tools and practices that have shifted the minds of His communities in ways that are easily applicable and very understandable. He is very grateful to have the ability to make a true and lasting difference in the lives of others, especially youth!


Why Helping Youth is Important to Me:
I am thrilled to be working with YWN because it is of the utmost importance that the learning that has taken place in My experience, be passed on to younger generations to facilitate a greater sense of ease in the navigation throughout this wonderful experience we call life. I literally Love all beings, and enjoy being able to truly help others to enjoy life in all ways possible. This is a deep and heartfelt desire.

What Programs King Gabriel Offers:

Groove Martial Arts (After school series or mini unit for gym/phys. Ed)

Groove Martial Arts (GMA) is a wonderful, high powered endorphin releasing great feeling, musical journey through Martial Arts, plyometrics, functional fitness and calisthenics, which is complemented by a soothing and healing Qi Gong experience and light meditation. It leaves the participant feeling calm, peaceful and fully grounded in the experience of perfect bliss. It’s Creator, King Gabriel has been a professional Mixed Martial Arts Champion,and Spiritual Practitioner, and has converted the art into one of graceful movement and fun. It is the ultimate way to embrace the discipline, power and beauty within this art, while getting in great shape and having ridiculous fun.

Keynote Presentation: The Mouse who thought He was a Lion

The Mouse who thought He was a Lion is a story about a mouse who believed He could be anything that He put His mind to but was constantly challenged along the way, by doubt, fear and the opinions of others. In this interactive and inspiring presentation King Gabriel will engage the students in the story of his life, similar to the one of the mouse, which began in a little island in the middle of nowhere. His desire to see more of the world, and experience new and wonderful things, lead him to explore many countries, possibilities and creative endeavors, but also led to many challenges along the way. Not only will he share the effective tools, practices and strategies that helped him overcome his greatest challenges and struggles but will also emphasize the fact that where we begin our journey is not indicative of who we can become. We are as big as our imagination will let us be and starting from a small beginning only means that you have an even greater area of contrast, and can experience life in ways that others may not see.

This presentation will leave the students feeling empowered, inspired and excited to live very fulfilling lives. They will see the world as one of infinite opportunities, and know that most of these amazing opportunities are ahead of them.

If you are interested in bringing YWN and King Gabriel to your school please contact or call us at 647 345 2326.

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