Program Endorsements


Michael is an inspiring and amazing speaker! His keynote address had the entire room hanging on his every word – then running up afterwards to speak with him. His passion stems from both personal experience and his desire to help others, making Michael the best kind of speaker. We look forward to bringing his unique brand of perspective, humour and advice to more of our audiences around the country.

Dave Fraser, The Canadian Safe School Network


Michael’s passion to share his story and coach others on their path to wellness is remarkable. The employees at Greater Essex who attended his session, left feeling balanced, energized and with a renewed sense of the value of “Self-Care”. Michael is dynamic, knowledgeable and a great speaker! Thanks Michael!

Kristie Cronin, Greater Essex County School Board


After Michael’s presentation we went back to class and I put up a mirror in front of our THINK board and told the kids that they could do their affirmations in class if they wanted. One of my students then suggested for me to start! It made me feel happy and it extended throughout the day/week. I will use this next year!

Nina deBodisco – Teacher @ Bunnell Elementary School (Palm Coast, Florida)


Michael has the ability to capture audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds. His message is universal and relatable, especially to teens. Michael’s story touches on many feelings and emotions that youth go through on a regular basis. He gives hope and inspiration for youth to begin to feel empowered, find their true self and lead a life full of passion and purpose!

Dina Stella, Administrative Supervisor @ New York Foundling Hospital Community Centre – New York City, NY


Michael is truly a delight! He inspired our students in so many ways. His personal stories, strength and commitment to his goals resonated with our children. Michael’s down to earth, accessible personality immediately put the kids at ease. Our students felt safe and empowered as they learned about living a more joyful and healthier life. Michael is more than welcome at TCS anytime!

 Holly Novick, Head of School, The Country School, Los Angeles, CA


Michael came to The Country School and gave a powerful presentation to our students. My class did a journal and reflected on the day, I would like to share one of my student’s thoughts with you, I believe this is the best endorsement a teacher can give. “I will be kind to to people by being kind to myself. Like when Michal explained how we can fill our own cup with joy, love and caring for yourself. I have realized that I don’t have to try to fill up my cup alone. I love myself, friends, family, teachers and my principal.”

 Jennifer Jackson, Teacher at The Country School, Los Angeles, CA


I work with very young children, two and three years old, which is fulfilling and at the same time, exhausting. When our head of school arranged for an in-service promising to help us feel refreshed and rejuvenated, I was eager to attend. The speaker was a young man named Michael Eisen. He shared his personal story of adversity and redemption with us and I found him to be an engaging and honest speaker. His message of self-love and value, of caring for oneself before caring for others, and of sharing the gifts of empathy and insight with your students was truly moving. We were also led through a guided meditation which I could see right away would be of value to older children as well as my own son. The ability to reflect on your actions with understanding instead of judgment and to make changes in a positive way is a talent which Michael has mastered and is able to share with others. The in-service was uplifting and Michael was an inspiration. His words stayed with me and I was able to share his message with my son when I got home that day. I wish that my son had been there. Michael is a speaker for all ages, from children to adults. It is never too late to be the person that you want to be. I hope that he visits us again.

 Renee Morey, Teacher at The Country School, Los Angeles, CA


I had the pleasure to work with Michael Eisen in November of 2012. I was first introduced to Michael at a conference while searching for ways to implement youth empowerment in our schools. When I spoke to Michael I was immediately impressed with his passion and ambition to get out to schools and communities and educate people of all ages on how to lead happier and healthier lives. I was so inspired by his message and his website, that our school booked Michael to speak not only to our students, but also to our staff and our parents. We were able to book Michael for half a day. In this time, he provided our staff with a session on “Energy Management”, a 45 minute Keynote to our Kindergarten to Grade 5 on “How to Become Your Own Best Friend”, a 45 minute Keynote to our Grade 6-9 on “The Power or Your Own Choice” and a special Parent Evening Presentation and book signing to talk with parents and answer any questions on the topic of empowering their children. Michael also spoke at 5 other schools in our district. His struggle with anxiety, depression and bullying throughout his school and university years is one that is very familiar to teachers, students and parents and his message is very positive because he is a success story. He connected with our audiences and his energy and vision was uplifting, educational, funny and memorable. I believe that by addressing these topics in our school systems we are giving our students valuable tools that will empower their choices and decisions to be the best they can be and succeed in life. I would highly recommend Michael to any school or school community. I would also highly recommend his website and his new book , “Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living” (through Hay House Publishing), which he co-authored with his father Jeffrey Eisen. I have read the book and used the web site, as well as many of our staff, and believe them to be valuable resources to any school library or classroom.

 Jennifer Michalchuk, Kindergarten Teacher/ Health and Wellness Team Leader, St. James Elementary and Junior High School, Calgary Catholic School District


Michael Eisen – founder of the Youth Wellness Network – visited our school in November, 2012. St. James is a Kindergarten to grade 9 school in Calgary, Alberta. Michael spent the day with us, working with staff, students and parents. Through the course of the day I witnessed Michael presenting to four diverse groups, and he treated each group in a unique way. To begin our day Michael led a relaxation and self-worth meditation with a staff group of approximately 20 adults. It was the perfect way to start the day, and leant us older types a new perspective – teaching us to be kind and caring and loving toward ourselves, so that we could approach other staff, our students and their families with that same attitude. Next Michael held a presentation for our grade 6 to 9 students. His message was similar – that if you learn to love yourself and treat yourself with the proper respect, then you will treat others that way and will be so treated in return. He asked students to consider the result if all of us embraced this philosophy – perhaps the end of bullying? When Michael moved on to our Kindergarten to grade 5 students the message, again, was similar, but it was pitched accurately at his younger audience. He managed, through his own personal story, to engage our students regardless of their age. At the end of the day (having presented that afternoon at another school!), Michael led a session with a group of 35 St. James parents. Again Michael changed the tone of his presentation to fit his audience. His basic message was a valuable one – to stop putting so much pressure on kids to conform to society’s take on the one right path to happiness (through illusive ‘success’), and to encourage our kids to stop putting that pressure on themselves. (I should note that Michael put this message across to our students earlier in the day as well.) Our parents came away impressed by this young man. Michael made a very positive impression on our school community. I recommend him to any school or group looking for someone with a unique perspective on what it takes to achieve genuine happiness.

 John Griffith, Principal of St. James School, Calgary Alberta


Michael Eisen came to St. James School in November, 2012 and put on a PD session for staff about “Stress and Energy Management”. As a first year teacher, Michael’s presentation really hit home for me. I focus so much on creating engaging lessons, worrying about my students’ progress and really not spending enough time on me. Like Michael, I had to hit rock bottom before considering change. Last week I found myself in Urgent Care with extremely high blood pressure and a resting heart rate close to 110bpm. Not being in class for two days took its toll on me and my students. I had students reaching out for my guidance and assistance and I was not there for them. I loved how Michael stressed to teachers to “fill their own cup” first…because my students needed me most when I had nothing left to give. It was heartbreaking. I could listen to Michael’s presentation 100 times over and still take different things away! It was full of valuable information. I also think it was extremely impactful coming from a first-hand perspective. Making a difference in the lives of youth truly is Michael’s calling. Overall I think he delivered great presentations – both to the teachers and to the students at our school – and even that is an understatement! Michael is truly making a difference in the world…and that is the most meaningful work of all!

Christa Barber, Junior High Teacher @ St. James School Calgary


Michael Eisen spoke before our middle school of 300 students. His message was one of hope and of help. Hopeful in that students learned they can improve their lives by changing their thoughts. Helpful in that he gave concrete and straightforward steps and techniques for students to use immediately. Michael clearly connected with our students which was especially apparent as they gave him high fives in the hallways after he spoke. His message is one of value to all ages as teachers and parents in the audience spoke of feeling empowered to make positive changes in their thoughts and thus in their lives. If you are able to have Michael speak at your school, I highly recommend you do so.

 Melanie Cote, Librarian at ADL Middle School, Essex Junction, Vermont


Michael Eisen’s message is a heartfelt endorsement of what it feels like to be an adolescent traveling through young adulthood. He supplied our students with easy to do strategies that would allow them to deal with some of the emotions that can sometimes overwhelm all of us at that age.

 Laurie Singer, Principal of ADL Middle School, Essex Junction, Vermont


Michael is following his passion and it shows. His enthusiasm for what he does shines through in his speaking and touches the listener no matter what age. He has a special talent and thankfully he decided to use it for the good of all of us. I am delighted to have worked with him and have learned so much myself from his dedication to practice what he promotes, to live his best life and to truly be the example of love in this world.

 Sinead Moffatt, Elevate Life Coaches – Co-Host of YWN event in Palm Coast, Florida


Michael has an uncanny way of connecting with people. I could actually see the message sinking in with the children he was speaking to, and likewise with the parents. After the presentation they flocked to him just to be near him, hug him or ask him questions. It was truly an amazing thing to witness. I learned so much from Michael that I will apply not only in my own life but also in my son’s. I’m so grateful I got to meet him and hear him speak in person- it was a very powerful experience.

 Andrea Holley, Elevate Life Coaches, Co-Host of YWN event in Palm Coast, Florida


Youth Wellness Network had a powerful impact on the Toronto French School community. Michael Eisen’s dynamic keynote presentation to the student body on the topic of The Power of Your Choice spoke directly to the mental and emotional health issues faced by today’s young people. More than just a motivational talk, students were mobilized to take action and form a wellness leadership team in the school and were successfully trained by Michael in various principles, strategies and practices pertaining to mental, emotional and physical well-being. We are appreciative of the guidance provided by Michael through a TFS-YWN partnership and so very proud of the ideas generated, and the initiatives already undertaken by the students. We look forward to a junior wellness team in the spring and a Break Zone week before the June exams. Thank you Michael for assisting us with making wellness an integral part of our school’s culture.

 Angela Phillips, Former Guidance Department Coordinator – Toronto French School


On behalf of my school community I want to thank Michael Eisen and the Youth Wellness Network for the opportunity to partner with them in a vital endeavour. There is no more pressing issue in education than student physical, social and emotional wellness. We are indebted to Michael for helping us make wellness a year-long initiative and an important part of our whole school program and culture. Our Wellness Leader Training and Break Zone / Stressbuster programs have helped many students become happier and more successful. Thanks so much.

 Joel Gorenkoff, Principal – North Toronto C.I.


It was a wonderful experience working with the Youth Wellness Network. From the first encounter to the actual program, Michael was flexible in altering a program to meet the needs of our building. Thank you for bringing your enthusiasm and personal experience to our school. You really did a nice job connecting with our older audience who encounter these situations and could relate to your stories.

 Lisa Palmer, Principal – Greenwich Elementary School


Michael Eisen has an important message that all youth should hear about. It’s not often that an individual Michael’s age is able to speak from the perspective of being bullied, becoming the bully, and then turning their life around in such a positive way. Michael has terrific energy and the kids obviously felt his warm, caring nature. His presentation style is both engaging and uplifting while at the same time he successfully touches the hearts of his audience. He shares his story with such passion and sensitivity while providing really important strategies and lessons for youth of all ages to apply to their lives. A message that all children should learn at an early age is, “How to become your own best friend” and Michael teaches this lesson in a very non-threatening way, so he can open the hearts of the children and empower them to see the very best within themselves! I would highly recommend Michael Eisen as an inspirational speaker to other schools and youth organizations.

 Vicki Savini, Grade 1 Teacher – Milton Terrace South Elementary


I had the pleasure of working with Michael Eisen of the Youth Wellness Network in a number of capacities. Michael worked with my organization to empower a group of teens we worked with, as well as worked with me personally to improve my facilitation skills and principled approach to working with others. I was very impressed by what the Youth Wellness Network could offer. This is the kind of perspective that needs to be brought to bear in all aspects of serving and working with young people. Michael has a unique ability to communicate his insight into what many youth are going through and also offer some of the best hope and energy I’ve seen in some time. Michael and the Youth Wellness Network present exciting new challenges for how we can incorporate authenticity and empowerment into the way we help young people. I highly recommend bringing the Youth Wellness Network in to train, facilitate, or consult on any program that works with youth. It would be of great benefit to participants, service providers, and senior decision-makers.

 Tyler Chartrand, 24, Founder and President of the London Youth Council


It’s refreshing to see that YWN has the right approach to student stress. Too much of the support out there doesn’t click with young people because it doesn’t wholly grasp their mindset. But YWN is a for us by us project, and that makes it powerful. Its leaders have lived the experiences, so they know what it feels like, what works to relieve stress, and what doesn’t. I look forward to seeing YWN across the country.

 Assaf Weisz – Executive Director, Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada


The Youth Wellness Network offers youth in the high school and college/university age group a strong support system, which greatly increases their chances of success both in school and later in life. Though college/university can be thought of as the beginning of adulthood many kids are ill equipped for the responsibilities and pressures placed on them during these years. Many people do not address these issues until they have experienced a pattern of failures leading to a distorted self-image and unnecessary chronic work and interpersonal problems. A support system that teaches mindfulness and internal solutions to external problems will have lifelong benefits.

Jamie Wasserman – LCSW


The Youth Wellness Network is a much needed and valuable resource for youth dealing with the stress and challenges of secondary and post-secondary education. It guides young people in understanding that there isn’t just one approach to stress reduction and that not all strategies work for all individuals but everyone can do something to help manage the emotions that drive their behaviour. I wish there was this kind of support network in place when I was younger.

– Matt Tod, Executive Director of Youth Programs, The Institute for Health and Human Potential


As a MaRS advisor, I met with hundreds of social entrepreneurs, and I was struck by Michael Eisen’s passion for getting people to think about, talk about and take action on their health and wellbeing. His inspiration is evident in the Youth Wellness Network and runs through their programming, connectivity and focus on empowerment. The YWN approach and delivery represent an innovative and holistic way to integrate much needed focus on wellness in the lives of youth.

– Cheryl May, Executive Director, Skills for Change
MaRS Advisor, Social Innovation (2008-10)


I truly believe that The Youth Wellness Network is causing a paradigm shift in our city. When I first heard about it last year, I had to meet the man behind it. It took me seconds to see that Michael Eisen lives and breathes his passion for youth wellness. It’s infectious, and his work has inspired me to begin a regular Reiki and breathing practice. The benefits keep me balanced, well and feeling grounded like never before. I also took the opportunity to help him with his Break Zone program at the University of Toronto. There, I saw the impact it had on dozens of students who stopped by to experience a variety of modalities for the first time. I know that a shift has begun in the way youth relate to their health and their lives, and I am so grateful for people like Michael Eisen who are enabling a healthier tomorrow.

– Gloria Roheim,



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