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I met Michael Eisen one and a half years ago and his encounter has had a lasting impact on me. I can honestly say that Michael Eisen is the man that changed my life. He’s the sole reason for my undying positivity. I always try to be happy no matter what situation I’m going through because Michael has taught me that authentic happiness can only be found from within. This one day I was really stressed out, and I simply saw Michael Eisen again at my school. But, that was enough to make my day because he was simply a radiation of positive energy. I saw him after a year or so today, and his authenticity and positivity has increased as well, which shows that he works on himself everyday, so he can become his best self. Any school would be lucky to have him as a guest!

– Aperaamy Jeyabalan, Grade 12, Mississauga Secondary School

First I would like to say that your story and you have inspired me; you and your organization have truly touched my heart. Coming from a person that some would call non emotional (cause apparently you have no heart if you don’t cry at least once during the movie Fault in Our Stars), throughout your presentation I was constantly trying to hold back tears; but they weren’t tears of sadness they were happy tears. I’ve grown up in a very supportive household; I’ve always been told to follow the Golden Rule, focus on what you love, and try to find something good in everything at school, and that the universe gives you what you choose/ focus on. Listening to you today was almost like listening to my mom. We honestly do need more people like you and her in the world and your organization aims for just that. Today I saw something in someone I haven’t seen in a while, a true and wise understanding of life and a passion to take that knowledge and pass it on. Thank you for what you do and to everyone that helps, thank you for speaking at our school and trying to inspire the youth of today, cause trust me we need it, thank you for not going down the road of drugs or prescription drugs, for finding your own way and not accepting and giving in to your sadness. Thank you so much for everything you do, words can honestly not express how happy I am to know that there are people like you in the world. 🙂

– Kyra Wilson, student at Malvern Collegiate

Michael and the Youth Wellness Network have helped me grow into a much stronger, more aware, and more understanding person. I finally understand each one of my feelings and have learned how to deal with them positively and effectively. Without Michael and the YWN, I would not be the person I am today

– Max Valle, Mentorship Program Student

I heard Michael speak at the “I Can Do It” conference in Toronto June 2013 and I was prepared to not like him. I am a long time hay House aficionado and who was this kid anyway. I didn’t even stand to give him a hand when he walked on stage. Shame on me! I wanted to stand and cheer throughout the whole presentation. I was hearing an INDIGO! My God, how lucky I was. I rushed to buy his book, the only book I bought at the conference and I don’t buy books or CD’s anymore, after a while you don’t really need them. I met Michael after the presentation and apologized to him and had him autograph the book for me to my grandson who was bullied at school and is now 11 years old. I just ordered 3 more books one for me and my other children. Michael’s story both inspired and grounded me again. Thank you so very much for creating magic in my life again and hopefully in my children and grandchildren’s lives as well! Thank you for helping me to remember much of what I had allowed myself to forget. THANK YOU!

– Marilyn (almost eighty and still learning and humble enough to admit that)

I thought that sending Michael Eisen to BES was a great idea and it helped me learn how to think better about myself.

– Andrew Mayes, student @ Bunnell Elementary School (Palm Coast, Florida)

My name is Helena and I am in grade 10 at The York School and I would personally like to thank you Michael for talking to York this morning. It made such a big impact on me and I really took to heart what you said. I always get very stressed during the school year because I tend to over think things and although I get great grades, I put myself under so much pressure (like you used too). What you said this morning was so meaningful and it taught me so much. It was a great way to start the week!

– Helena Hyams, student at The York School (Toronto)

I feel that sending Michael Eisen to BES was an excellent idea. Before that I hated myself but now I have learned to love the world around me [including myself]

– Kaylee, student @ Bunnell Elementary School (Palm Coast, Florida)

I think Michael Eisen’s presentation helped a lot of students feel better about themselves physically and emotionally.

– Ava, student @ Bunnell Elementary School (Palm Coast, Florida)

What I thought about the assembly was it helped me have more confidence in myself and not bully myself. So now I feel like I can do anything!

– Courtney, student @ Bunnell Elementary School (Palm Coast, Florida)

The assembly brought me happiness and much power and confidence to stand up for myself. I really enjoyed the part where if you love yourself, you have more love to give out to help people love themselves. Thank you for the stupendous speech!

– Aviana Jackson, student @ Bunnell Elementary School (Palm Coast, Florida)

After hearing Michael Eisen speak at our school and talk about loving ourselves I now know that if I ever get bullied that I can just listen to his advice and I will be ok!

– Kyleigh Ruddy, student @ Bunnell Elementary School (Palm Coast, Florida)

Thank you for sending Michael Eisen to our school. He has really inspired me to love myself and others!

– Aria Reiter, student @ Bunnell Elementary School (Palm Coast, Florida)

I needed help. For many years I lived a life filled with illness – both physical and mental – isolation, sadness, loss and mourning, guilt and fear. I woke up each day simply looking forward to its end. If I could just get through the next day or obstacle, I thought, I could then finally be happy. Alas, this happiness never came. Each new day never brought relief, only disillusionment that I did not feel any different and a false hope that things would get better tomorrow. I dreamt of a healthier life, about actually living life, but deep down I felt broken, afraid and incapable of achieving this vision. No matter how hard I tried, it just wasn’t my reality. But my reality could change. Although at first this notion seemed too fantastic to believe, I learnt and felt it first hand by working with Michael Eisen. Michael has been an invaluable guide to me on a journey of personal empowerment, enlightenment and evolution. His unique blend of wisdom, personality, experience and advice has given me the tools to begin transforming my worldview to one that allows me to succeed and love myself no matter what the result. What if our thoughts could impact how we experience reality? What if ones fulfillment in life didn’t lie in the end result alone, but in the process of trial and error, learning and development? What if happiness wasn’t an abstract concept always one day away, but something you felt now? After working with Michael for over a year I can say that I truly believe this is not merely hypothetical, but what life is meant to be. While I have only just begun my journey and still struggle along the path to a healthier life, thanks to Michael I am learning to enjoy each step along the way and am more hopeful than ever that this is what life can be for me – and anyone else who seeks it. I found help and you can too!

– Alex Koven, University Student and Mentorship Program Participant

Michael Eisen was a very inspirational speaker. He talked about many of the stresses and difficulties we students have to face during school. This includes bullying, harassment, stress with grades and family stress. He also gave us ways to help tame the stress and overcome negative thoughts we are thinking; and changing them to positive thoughts. I thought his speech and the points he made were very helpful to me personally. I could connect and relate to what he talked about. I get really stressed out with grades and friendship issues. I also have been bullied numerous times. His helpful tips and techniques have really affected my mood and the way I look at my own thoughts in positive ways. Michael’s speech was clear and moving. He was friendly and laid back. He really connected with the audience. So far his tips on stress have helped me. He helped me realize that it is okay not to be perfect and I can’t help thank him enough for that.

– 8th Grade Student @ ADL Middle School, Essex Junction, Vermont

Michael Eisen talked to our school about his life story. He told us how he learned how to control his stress better. His story was quite interesting and something you think to hear only in books. If it weren’t for the background of the gym, Mr. Eisen could have been on a TED talk. It made me think about what the purpose of life is, and to take my time, and to enjoy what I am doing in the present.

– 6th Grade Student @ ADL Middle School, Essex Junction, Vermont

At the beginning of this year I went to the doctor for a physical examination and the report showed that I had a tumor. The doctor told me to regulate my mood, normalize my daily routine and exercise frequently. If I did this there was a chance the tumor may stop growing. I was so scared after receiving this news that I did not dare go back to the hospital to get another report for six months. At the time I thought if God were to take away my life, I would not blame him. A few weeks after my original diagnosis, I found myself at a workshop on my campus that was run by Michael Eisen, Founder of the Youth Wellness Network. He taught me that I had the power to create my own reality; that the thoughts I think, words I speak and actions I take determine the life that I live. He seemed so positive and happy with his own life that it lit a spark inside of me. I wanted what he had, and if he could do it with his life, so could I! After his workshop I tried to put into practice what he taught and his daily Facebook messages provided the boost of inspiration that I needed. Every day I put forth my best effort in everything that I did. I did more things that I truly liked to do instead of what I was told I had to do. I brought happiness back into my life and tried every day to share my smile with the world. I even started seeing more inspiring resources come into my life along the way. Then my miracle appeared. Yesterday, I went back to the hospital for another examination and the report showed that the tumor had completely disappeared! I owe a BIG thank you to my mentor Michael Eisen. You not only changed my world, but also saved my life. Now I can say that I love the world and I love myself. Today, I own my new life!

– Crystal Chow, Student @ Seneca College

I heard you speak at Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida. I don’t know how many people do this type of thing, but I feel obligated to, since you made such an impact on my mental views of looking at things. What I saw today moved me, which not many people can do since I would be inclined to say that I have little emotion, but this put happiness to a whole new level. When I walked out of the auditorium at my school, I felt like there was a halo over my head. I live for music, and when I found out I could meditate and maintain a stable happy life just by putting my heart into the guitar, I melted inside. But I would never have known these things if I didn’t go down to talk to you after the presentation. I gave you a hug and that embrace made me feel like I have known you my entire life. I respect you like I have respected nobody before, even more so than my musical idols. Please keep up what you are doing, more people need to experience that intense joy I felt today. Thank you so much, and I would love to keep in contact with people like you, because you are the light of happiness peaking through the stormy clouds of disaster. I have a favorite quote as well, “The meaning of life is to live a life of meaning.” – John Lennon. Now I never believed that worthless me, a teenager in a world of 7 billion others, could live a life of any meaning at all, but now I know that I am original, and I am good at what I do. No longer will I second guess myself, because “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents, that can be worked with,” -Bob Ross. So I hope what I have written has shown my immense gratitude towards your program and the one of a kind experience I felt. Thank you so much!

– Andrew Pemberton, Student @ Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida

My daughter has a mental illness and a learning disability, she is one of the strongest young people I know but she was at a breaking point when I decided to attend a presentation at my local high school. My husband and I were going through a separation and my daughter was really feeling a lot of emotions about it. I went to this presentation about youth empowerment and Michael Eisen was one of the guest speakers. I was hoping to gain insight so I could help my daughter get through this rough time. Michael really hit home when he spoke about his personal experiences and it sounded like he was telling my daughter’s story. I realized then that there was a way to change this around for her so that she feels more in control of her life. Michael spoke about perspective and how we as parents tend to look at situations through our perspective without really listening to our child’s perspective. As soon as I left this presentation I started to consciously pay more attention to how I expressed my perspective. I have since noticed that my communication with my daughter has improved greatly and she is more willing to open up to me than ever before. My daughter saw Michael speak as well she was so impressed with him and felt an immediate connection to his story. Michael is now doing one on one mentoring with my daughter and one of the things they are working on is how to change her negative thoughts to positive ones. I have noticed a huge difference in her, she is starting to look at negative situations differently and how she can turn them around or find the positive in it. She is working towards finding a balance in her life and this is a wonderful thing to watch.

– Amanda Hayes, Parent and Child / Youth Worker

The day that Michael came to talk at my school was an important one for me. I had just finished a really tough period of my life, and it seemed like some divine powers were convening to bring him to the right place at the right time. I could relate very well to his stories, and he introduced some new insights to me that I never would have considered before. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to attend the Wellness Leader Training sessions a few weeks later. During these sessions, I really enjoyed sharing the techniques I had learned with my friends and learning some new ones as well. Now, we have a Wellness Team at my school, to help show students how genuinely special they are. This is a truly amazing initiative, and I hope it continues to grow and prosper.

– Alex, Toronto French School

I have attended two of Michael’s workshops, and both times I left feeling really good about myself, and I was always full of positive energy. The atmosphere during the workshops is always very relaxed and calm, and I always feel at ease; my stress just seems to go away. Michael makes everyone so comfortable during the workshop, and he himself is so comfortable and open with everyone attending. He is very laidback and has such a relaxed attitude, even though what he talks about is so important and really beneficial. I really like the fact that during the workshops Michael talks with the group, not at the group. Everyone is involved and gets a chance to express how they feel and what they think. I enjoyed the two workshops I attended so much that I’ve been trying to get Michael to come talk at my school so that even more youth can hear what he has to say. Since attending the workshops I find that I have a much more positive outlook, and things don’t seem to stress me out as much. I suggest attending a workshop because they really allow you to look within yourself and Michael makes everything enjoyable.

– Sarah Welsh, Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School

I am the type of person that strives for academic and professional success, and therefore takes on a great deal of personal responsibility. At a time of feeling a great deal of stress and pressure in my life, I had the pleasure of working with Michael Eisen and attending several of his workshops. To say the least, it is very inspirational and contagious to see someone who has attained such control over their own life. I in turn found myself striving to follow this path, focusing more on my authentic self and discovering what that really meant to me. I now find myself starting to lead a life that is driven by motivation and passion rather than responsibilities and obligations. Although my journey is just beginning, Michael and his truly inspirational words and lifestyle were the push that I needed to kick-start this realignment.

– Jamie Lee Arseneau, University of Western Student

I had the pleasure of working with Michael Eisen of the Youth Wellness Network in a number of capacities. Michael worked with my organization to empower a group of teens we worked with, as well as worked with me personally to improve my facilitation skills and principled approach to working with others. I was very impressed by what the Youth Wellness Network could offer. This is the kind of perspective that needs to be brought to bear in all aspects of serving and working with young people. Michael has a unique ability to communicate his insight into what many youth are going through and also offer some of the best hope and energy I’ve seen in some time. Michael of the Youth Wellness Network presents exciting challenges for how we can incorporate authenticity and empowerment into the way we help young people. I highly recommend bringing the Youth Wellness Network in to train, facilitate, or consult on any program that works with youth. It would be of great benefit to participants, service providers, and senior decision-makers

– Tyler Chartrand, 24, Founder and President of the London Youth Council

In the brief timespan of ten minutes, Michael Eisen was tasked with the challenge of delivering a speech for all the International Baccalaureate students at Bayview Secondary School. We were eagerly waiting in the cafeteria, desperate for any kind of motivation or encouragement. This was not a workshop, nor a specific event; it was ten minutes filled with inspiration and wisdom, all beautifully pieced together. In those brief ten minutes, Michael took the audience through a journey; his journey. He managed to accurately describe what every person in that audience was living through; a combination of stress, pressure and endless anxiety. And then, by simply explaining his personal philosophies, he managed to profoundly shift the mindset, beliefs and perspective, of myself, and many others in the audience. With genuine care, he expressed the importance of looking at life with a bigger-picture perspective and a more open, relaxed and optimistic mind. He portrayed life as an ongoing adventure, filled with opportunities to enjoy and failures to learn from. He was inspirational, enthusiastic and empowering throughout the entire speech, and who could forget that huge, contagious smile. On behalf of Bayview Secondary School, I would like to thank you Michael for the dedication, compassion and wisdom that you shared with us that evening. I would like to thank everyone working with you at the Youth Wellness Network, and I look forward to joining your team in the near future!

– Shirin Rahnamoun, Student at Bayview Secondary School

After my experience with the Youth Wellness Network Break Zone and a one on one mentorship session with Michael Eisen, I am blown away by my experience. I feel so empowered to think that I am the only one who has total control over how my life is shaped and formed and where it might take me by taking charge of it instead of letting it be led by what people in my life think I should be doing.

I still find myself thinking and saying negative thoughts, but I know one day at a time I will be able to transform it all into the happiness that I feel I deserve. I realize now I had been living my life like a race, but then when I thought about it more I realized what am I really racing for? I couldn’t come up with a logical answer other then eventually when things work out I will be happy, but this answer made no sense to me and I do not even know how long I have been living my life like this! But not anymore! Why would I want to eventually be happy when I can just be happy now!!!

I had neglected my own happiness for so long that it was coming out in physical illness and a lot of negativity towards almost everything in my life, which was being projected out to my friends and family and was pushing everyone away. Up until yesterday that is actually how I wanted it to be. One day at a time I will make amends and start allowing everyone who has meant so much to me back into my life. The tingly feeling I got from my experience with the Youth Wellness Network hasn’t stopped and I hope it doesn’t!! It makes me smile immensely just to write this testimonial!

Thanks for spreading the happiness, and may only good come your way!

– Eric Dameron, Seneca College Graduate (Break Zone and Mentorship Participant)

As a participating student in the Youth Wellness Network Mentorship Services, I found this organization to be a powerful and versatile tool and I believe it can better the lives of many individuals who are feeling consumed by negative thoughts and stresses in their lives. It erases the apparent needs for material successes and highlights the true need for spiritual success and happiness. If you want to feel better about yourself as a person and are ready to make a positive change in a negative lifestyle, the Youth Wellness Network is a great stepping stone towards the attainment of a positive outlook on life, inner success and peace.

-Shawn Bernard, Monsignor Paul Dwyer High School (Mentorship Services Participant)

As the parent of a driven overachiever I saw my son become increasingly overwhelmed with school work, his need for perfection and struggling with self esteem. Michael Eisen and the Youth Wellness Network have helped him to see how his worrying and negative thoughts were affecting his emotions and his thought process in almost every aspect of his life. He has enjoyed working with Michael, has made some big strides forward and is finding balance in his life. His smile is back!

– Lisa Bernard , Parent

Since my first year, I always wondered if I could ever get some help coping with my stress and disappointment that university brought me. I wanted to make uni life a positive experience and to turn my downs into ups. Family and friends were by-far the best way that I was able to get through first year. However, I always wished for a group such as the Youth Wellness Network (YWN) to be available at UofT. I started second year with one main resolution; to NOT say anything NEGATIVE about university. From then on, I realized how we are the ones that build our experience; we have CONTROL over our lives. I have brought myself to LOVE this university and APPRECIATE the experience with its ups AND downs. If you look at things on the bright side, you will start adopting a positive attitude towards your environment. Fortunetly, the intoduction of the YOUTH WELLNESS NETWORK at UofT made things even better; a group where you can get involved by helping others, meeting new people and making new friends. The best thing about is that you can participate in the planned events, such as the Break Zone which was a SUCCESS! Hand in hand, we can make things possible. I want to share my experience of being part of YWN and would encourage ANYONE to join, whether you feel like you need to cope with you stress or simply to enjoy RELAXATION 🙂

– Jessica Fares, University of Toronto Student (member of YWN U of T Chapter)

I came to the Break Zone last term and I really enjoyed it. I got a massage session, a reiki session and went to the meditation session. All of them helped me to relax a lot. I left the building relaxed and more importantly with a positive attitude.

Derya Demirtas, University of Toronto Student (member of YWN U of T Chapter)

To me, the “break zone” was not limited to an event. It was a redefinition of what innovation can mean. It was not limited to a series of events that happened within three days, it rather tends to be a memory in my heart for a very long time. The main reason I find it different than any other such thing on campus or off campus, was the different people I met there. I had the chance to meet some of the most insightful people I have seen all my life. Some of these people have changed my life, and are doing so as I am writing this. I won’t go to details, as they don’t really matter at all. What matters is what remains for us. Things come and go, but there are only certain things that stay with us in our hearts. “Break Zone” and “Youth Wellness Network” were such for me.

– Sina Monafred, University of Toronto Student

I attended the Youth Wellness Network’s Living in Authenticity Workshop in January of 2011. The day was full of thoughtful conversation, writing, ‘GROOVE’ dancing and meditation. I wasn’t sure of what to expect but at the end of the day saw how it all comes together as an overall healing experience. Listening to others’ thoughts and perceptions of the topic of discussion at hand helped me look at certain ideas more clearly. The workshop was an incredible way for me to start the New Year and helped me clear my mind and soul to begin the year as my authentic self.

– Sarah Butler, George Brown College Student and Student Association Executive

I’ve only had the opportunity to experience the Youth Wellness Networks’ Break Zone, but that alone was amazing. I’m glad to have been introduced to these wonderful relaxation techniques and practitioners, which I believe are incredibly beneficial to stressed students! I love YWN for what they are doing on campus!

– Freeman Lan, University of Toronto Student

Having the opportunity to take a mental break from studying at the Youth Wellness Network Break Zone was not only an experience that I found gratifying but completely essential to my educational success. Being guided through even just a 15 minute meditation session brought me considerable relaxation, allowing me to return to my studies with a refreshed mind.

– Elizabeth Sweitzer, University of Toronto Student

As a particpant of the Break Zone Program presented by the Youth Wellness Network, I found this program to be such an amazing tool for students. Prior to participating I was stressed and overwhlemed with everything I had to get done in such a short amount of time, and this stress was actually preventing me from getting anything done. A friend of mine called and convinced me to take a break from my work and come and participate in a Yoga class that the Break Zone program was offering, and I can safely say that this was the best decision I ever made! The 20-minute session was so helpful and calming. It got me back on track, and helped me organize my tasks to ensure that everything got done while incorporating more study breaks and a better use of that break time. I think that this program is extremely helpful and should definitely be offered year-round!

– Nahal Shad, University of Toronto

Practitioner/Facilitator Testimonials:


Participating in the Youth Wellness’ Break Zone at U of T’s Hart House represented yet another paradigm shift in how innovative notions of healthcare are addressing the dynamic needs of the populace in profound and creative ways. The youth are truly one of the greatest assets of any civilization and to introduce them to the responsibililty of their healthcare through both traditional and alternative medicines when they’re coming to terms with the duress of adulthood and being responsible for the world at large is quintessential. It allows them to set foundations for vitality, longevity and even nourishment of their destiny by evoking powers of healing of mind, body and spirit so they can be thus empowered their whole lives.

Moreover, healthcare in the 21st century is no longer simply a case for physiological curatives but a matter of aligning one’s mind with purpose and life with stability in function and inspiration. In short, it’s about transforming our lives into beacons of strength and passion which are the wellspring of true health. The Youth Wellness Network is devoted to this vision and the Break Zone makes certain the generation that will carry the world in the near future is of the soundest mind, body and spirit to do so.

– Darren Hall (D.Ac. BA Hons), Integrative Medicine Practitioner

I was happy to participate in the Break Zone at UofT.  Working with the students brought me back to my days of university and how I wish I would have had something like this to balance out my brain during exam time.  The students were fabulous and the work was rewarding.  I look forward to being able to do it again.

– Paul Lara, QiBelly | www.qibelly.com |

Students came into the University of Toronto Break Zone stressed, anxious, tired and overwhelmed. By the time they left they were smiling, standing tall and expressing gratitude for the supportive and relaxing environment. It is amazing to see how quickly mindful practices can calm the body and mind, restoring energy, vitality and a positive attitude toward life. The Break Zone gives students access to life skills that help mitigate the growing trend of stress and anxiety in today’s academic institutions. Michael Eisen’s work taps into the experience of student life and gets to the heart of how to build happiness, health and balance during peak performance times.

– Alison Burkett, Meditation Facilitator, M.Ed.| Mindfulness Without Borders

My experience at the Break Zone with Michael Eisen’s Youth Wellness Network was nothing short of amazing! To be a part of something that enriches another life for the simple fact of doing so is pure fullfillment. To see these students so excited about the services being offered and hear their gratitude for such and event made it all worthwhile. What a great way to support youth working to be their best! Hearing their stories of hard work and dedication to achieveing their goals affirmed my decision to take part. I look forward to the next event! Thanks Michael!

– Patricia Reynolds RMT, YYT, President, Hands At Home Inc. Therapist, Teacher, Facilitator. P2k@rogers.com

It was a wonderful experience to work with the Youth Wellness Network at the Break Zone in December. It was very well organized and executed and Michael was a pleasure to work with. The program is an amazing program that needs to be rolled out across Canada at all Universities. I would highly recommend it.

– Michelle Froats, The True U, www.thetrueu.com

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