"We Can't Plan Life, All We Can Do is Be Available For it"

“We Can’t Plan Life, All We Can Do is Be Available For it”

Planning is always a hassle. You have to find something to do that everyone will like. You have to find a perfect date so all your friends can make it. And finally, you’re responsible if the plan isn’t successful or fun. I could understand if this was done for a trip or an important event that needs long-term planning but recently, I found myself trying to plan even the littlest things such as just having dinner with a couple of friends. Since I’m at work most of the day, it becomes pretty difficult to see a lot of my friends as often as I would like to. Planning started becoming stressful because it starts feeling like all the responsibilities were on me to make this a successful night out. Fortunately, a couple of days ago I ran across this quote “We can’t plan life. All we can do is be available for it.” As I started reminiscing about my high school summers, I recognized that most of the things we did back then weren’t planned for a long time, but instead, they were thought of a couple of hours or even minutes ago. Thrill and excitement came from not knowing the future or where we were headed. An adventure isn’t planned; it’s discovered.

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