Embrace ALL of Who You Are – A Tribute to Debbie Ford

Embrace ALL of Who You Are – A Tribute to Debbie Ford

Bestselling-self-help-author-Debbie-Ford-has-diedWhen I heard the news that Debbie Ford had passed away and made her transition to the other side, it hit me a lot harder than I had expected. I knew Debbie had been battling a very aggressive form of cancer for 2 and a half years, but I guess I always thought (and hoped) that she would make her way through it and still be able to bless this planet with her presence. As the news began to sink in I started to reflect on all the amazing lessons that I learned from her and realized how, in many ways, I would not be where I am today if I had not read her books, gone to her seminars and applied her methodologies diligently in my life.

The first time I was introduced to Debbie and her work I was in my third year of university and my parents brought me and my sister along to a weekend intensive workshop. From the moment I walked into the room I felt extremely drawn to her energy. She was radiating this beautiful light that I found so attractive. Throughout the weekend I had many profound shifts in the ways that I was looking at the world but the biggest insight that sunk in was the concept that life is a mirror and that everything I see going on outside of me is a pure reflection of what is going on inside of me.

So the light I was attracted to in Debbie was really the uni-verse showing me my own light – I just hadn’t fully noticed it yet. But it wasn’t just my light that was being reflected to me. I realized that whenever I got triggered by something someone else said or did, that it was no longer about them and more so about me. They were showing me the part of myself that I was still not loving, accepting and embracing.

This was a huge lesson for me to learn at the time because I still had shades of the victim mentality, that I had developed from my childhood, hanging around. There were still areas of my life that I was not willing to take responsibility for. Debbie taught me that if I was truly going to step into living an empowered life that I needed to take responsibility for EVERYTHING and I needed to start embracing this mirror that life was presenting to me as a gift not a burden.  Most importantly I needed to love myself even more so I could feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable, admit when I was resisting something within and work my way through it with love and care. Debbie ignited an inner drive within me to pull back the layers I had been hiding under for many years.

Fast forward to a few years later to when I came across Debbie’s work again and this time it was needed for another phase of my personal growth and spiritual evolution.

At this point in my life I had been doing a lot of spiritual and emotional work on myself and in a period of around 5 years since I began my journey, I had evolved to a higher level of consciousness. I had transformed my inner world and as a result my outer circumstances were transforming too. I had outgrown friendships from university and I was beginning to spend most of my time with individuals that “got it” and were on the same page mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My self-awareness was quite strong and I was really playing around a lot with empowering my intuition.

However, one of the challenges that arose from this was that the more light, bliss and love I felt and experienced the more of it I wanted. I began to convince myself that I had transcended anything in my life that wasn’t light, all my issues and aspects of my “old self” were a thing of the past. I was a healer, a teacher, and a light chaser. And the most interesting part of all was that I developed what I now call “Spiritual Arrogance”. I put myself on a pedestal and I only wanted to be around people or circumstances that vibrated at a higher frequency and I wasn’t recognizing that I was resisting anything that wasn’t.

After coming to the realization of what was happening in a coaching session with my dad he recommended I read Debbie’s book The Dark Side of Light Chasers. He couldn’t have recommended a better book for me at the time, as this book gave me the tools to truly transform my life. My blind spot in chasing the light was that I was not embracing my darkness or my human-ness – I only wanted to be in spirit. But the reality is we are both human and spirit, and if we want to get the most out of this experience we call life we need to embrace ALL parts of who we are.

So I began my deep dive into Debbie’s book and piece by piece I started to embrace my darkness, I started to love ALL of my characteristics and behaviors and tendencies  (even the ones that really bothered me), and most importantly I realized and embraced the concept that I AM everything. Where I am light I am also dark, where I am bliss I am also frustration, and where I am happiness I am also sadness. Instead of fighting this idea and only levitating towards the “good” feelings, I started to truly welcome EVERYTHING. As a result I learned how to navigate this human world and human life more eloquently than ever before!

Instead of focusing on what this world has lost with Debbie Ford’s passing, I choose to celebrate all that she brought forth to this world and all that her work did for me in my life. She was one of the most inspiring spiritual teachers that I have met in my life so far and although I didn’t get a chance to know her well personally, I still feel her presence strongly in my life.

Debbie you will be deeply missed, but know that I will carry your message and your teachings on and share them with the next generation and generations to come!

Rest in peace 🙂

With Gratitude,


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