Focus - Customizing Your Own Sense of Strength

Focus – Customizing Your Own Sense of Strength

I lost touch with my true potential in the middle of high school. Other things began to replace positive releases I once knew. My attention span, direction and grades also slipped through the cracks. The Jess I once knew began to drift away. Meditation was an important part of my life, but it slowly stopped. In the last year of high school, I slowly rekindled my passion for visual arts, music, and sports such as basketball. Things I once enjoyed became a release of all the tension and worry that took over me.

I began to play basketball again. After a while, I started to realize that it helped me focus. After every time, I just forgot about everything – all the family problems, school work, society’s pressures. The world stopped, but in a good way. For every shot that went in, I told myself that one thing would be forgotten. This was my odd way of letting things go. (And Hey, it worked) I began to realize that it was all a state of mind. Gradually, I made myself think that this method helped me let go and focus. If I was angry, I’d go out to the court and start shooting hoops, for some reason it calmed me down. Of course, the cold season came and it was impossible to go outside. 

In high school I noticed that everyone had basic things in common, despite the uniqueness and individuality. Whether it’s through letting go of stress by taking a walk, playing sports, listening to music, drugs, alcohol, or playing video games – we all have struggles and inner battles that are dealt with in different ways.

Reflection:  What helps you focus? Think of a time in your life where you felt most happy or accomplished. It might be an award, a soccer game, or a simple hug from a friend. Hold onto that moment of satisfaction/accomplishment and conceive those emotions of joy, love, and happiness. How do you feel? Try to use that positive energy towards your next tasks, and refer back to it when in doubt.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!

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