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About Jen Myers:jen-myers-ywn-2

Jen is often described as a joyful, silly and compassionate person. There are few things she enjoys more than helping and uplifting others which is how she ended up in her chosen career path. When not speaking and facilitating her training programs Jen is teaching yoga to both children and adults. She has a great love for life and enjoys nothing more than spending time with friends and loved ones. She loves animation, theatre, singing and can be seen at Disneyland at least once a month. Jen feels so blessed to be doing the work she is doing. She always felt that she had calling to help others and the first time she began her Keynote Speech she knew she had finally found it. She is extremely passionate about helping the youth of the next generation especially girls. As a product of an all-girl education and having struggled with body image issues and an eating disorder Jen is very aware of the struggles young girls face. She uses her experiences and her story to uplift and empower those girls that will follow after her. Jen is a Youth Wellness Network Licensed Ambassador as well as a certified Kundalini and Children’s yoga teacher.

Why is working with youth important to you?

Jen has always had a special place in her heart for youth. It seemed that no matter what she did she always gravitated towards working with youth. She finds their enthusiasm and hope inspiring and uplifting and it always enlivens her on a hard day. Jen has always wanted to make a difference and she truly believes that begins by helping the next generation. She believes that the greatest gift you can the next generation is to give them tools and techniques to help them live healthier and happier lives.

What Jen Offers:

 The Women of Worth Training Program

The Women of Worth Training Program consists of two parts: a Keynote Speech and a six module training program.

Keynote Speech: The Journey from Striving to Arriving: Empowering Young Women to Know Their Worth

The Keynote presentation is an assembly for all the girls in the school. The presentation will last 45-60 minutes. In the presentation, Jen will share her life story and share with the girls some the struggles she encountered including bullying, low self-esteem, feeling like a failure, body image issues, eating disorders and serious disease at a young age. She will then share with the girls her tools and techniques she used to turn her life around to live a happy, healthy life.

Women of Worth Training Modules

The goal of the training is to have the students leaving with a strong sense of self-worth and esteem while feeling like they can handle any challenge handed to them with ease. The goal also is to have these students lead and create a happiness and well-being movement in your school and community. It usually consists of six forty-five minutes training modules with a group of 20-25 girls from within the school. After the six training modules there will be a one hour brainstorming session with the girls discussing ways the girls can bring this training into their school and community. Each of the six modules will be on a different topic that build onto each other.

The first module will be called Shedding the Light on Fear. In this module we will explore some of the girls’ root fears that get in the way of living a fulfilled life. We will explore how these fears play out in different areas of our lives and the root causes. Once we have identified these fears I will lead them through a meditation and visualization to help them get comfortable with feeling these fears. The students will be given a takeaway assignment of observing their fears in their daily lives. The benefit being that once the girls are aware of their fears they can begin to change them.

The second module is Developing a Positive Mindset. In this module we will be discussing the importance of having a positive mindset and taking responsibility for your life. We will re-frame some of the girls’ fears from the previous module from a negative to a positive. They will be given a takeaway assignment of re-framing the rest their fears and beginning to practice these new beliefs in their lives. The benefit of this module is it shows the girls how much control they have over their own health and happiness. It will always give them new tools to improve mindset and deal with fear.

The third module is Gratitude is the Attitude. In this module we will discuss the power of gratitude to change our perspective and developing a strong sense of trust. The benefit of this module is empowering the girls to feel they have a choice over their happiness and health.

The fourth and fifth module are both entitled Filling Up Your Cup. In these two modules we will discuss the importance of taking care of yourself on every level being physical and emotional. We will discuss the importance of speaking kindly to yourself and developing a daily grounding practice to help the girls deal with stress in their lives. The benefit of these modules being the girls will now have tools to help them to take better care of themselves and learn the importance of self-care.

The sixth module is entitled The Call of Service and Knowing Your Worth. In this module we will discuss the importance of living a life of service and its benefits. The module will end with an affirming of each girl’s worth and reminding them that they matter that each person has a purpose even if they don’t know it.

The seventh module will be a one hour brainstorming session with the girls and me discussing how they can bring this work into their community and school.

For Booking please contact Jen Myers at: or (585) 278-8097




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