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We strongly believe in the importance of building community as we want everyone to feel like they are part of our greater cause, and no longer feel like they are alone. When you sign up for our monthly newsletter you will have access to our Founder’s Wisdom blog post, new and exciting news and programs we are offering, and recommended additional resources to help you on your own wellness journey delivered right to your mailbox. Stay up to date with all that’s happening here at YWN on our blog page and have a chance to connect with our community through the community posts. Keep up with where we are off to next on our program schedule page.

Our vision is to grow this community of youth, parents, educators, administrators, and any adults with youth in their lives looking to bring wellness to their own lives and the lives of others all working towards the common goal of empowering our next generation and generations to come to live happier, healthier and more positive lives, so they can show up for this world in bigger and better ways!

If you have a story and/or message to share of your own and want to contribute to our community posts on the blog page, email us at and share your message/story with us. If we feel it is aligned with our message we will post it on our blog and share it with everyone in social media networks!

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