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We are dedicated as an organization to inspire and empower youth to live happier, healthier and more positive lives. We ensure that each of our program packages are tailored to meet all your needs and objectives while working towards mitigating the most pressing issues and challenges that youth are facing.
We specialize in customizing a program package that is a fit for every school, organization and institution. We approach each opportunity with the utmost in personalized service and understanding of the school /organization and the students / youth group. We recognize that each group of young individuals are unique and different from each other, and thus face many different issues and challenges at different phases of their lives.
We form a partnership with each school / organization that we work with, and work together to meet the needs of the student body / youth group in every situation. Whether you are an elementary school, middle school, high school, university, college, youth organization or an independent community, we bring our programs everywhere youth are, all over the world.
We operate on a sliding scale and thus make our best effort to fit within any budget to create a favourable result for everyone involved!
We even have programs and services geared towards the adults who support youth (parents, teachers, community workers, etc.). We provide you with tools, training and strategies that will not only assist with inspiring and empowering youth to live happier and more fulfilling lives, but will also assist with creating positive change in your own lives as well. We all must first BE that CHANGE that we want to see in the lives of youth. By working on creating positive change in your own life, it allows you to be more authentic in your approach to assist and empower youth to make the same change in theirs.
Our Programs:

*We also offer customized programs to meet all your objectives and needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us through the contact form below and let us know what you are looking for!


Please contact our Founder Michael Eisen at michael@youthwellnessnetwork.ca or call 647-345-2326 to discuss program bookings.

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