Family Wellness Days

Family Wellness Day

Family outsideThe Youth Wellness Network has partnered with Wellergize to create a wellness program offered for the entire family! Family Wellness Day is an opportunity for parents and their kids to participate in a full day of fun, interactive and educational activities and workshops that can help create a more harmonious balance in the home.

YWN primarily will focus on the creation and delivery of activities and workshops for youth who take part in the program, while Wellergize will focus on activities and workshops for the parents. This program can be included in workplace wellness services for organizations / institutions looking to add a family oriented program for their employees, or it can be independently organized for communities, or small groups of families.

Contact us at if you want to bring our Family Wellness Day to your organization or institution, or would like to inquire about running this program in your community!

For Organizations or Institutions:

Trade your company picnic for a Family Wellness Day! In today’s working environment home life and work life are more linked than ever. What’s happening in the home impacts workplace productivity in a variety of ways, including: absenteeism, coworker rapport, burnout, presenteeism, and attention to detail.

Create a work environment that supports your team with a focus on whole life balance. Give them tools and resources that help them communicate more effectively, manage stress appropriately, and create stronger interpersonal relations – skills that are beneficial both in the workplace and at home.

Our Family Wellness Day is an event where employees integrate their two lives, no matter their age group or status. They can bring their children, their parents, or just themselves. It’s a fun, experiential, and engaging program that supports the development of core life skills, leading to happier, more productive employees.

We can customize an entire day for you or integrate into your existing plan. Choose from activities in our Mental Health, Physical Activity & Wellness, and Personal Development categories.

For more information, visit or contact Gisela McKay, or call 647.723.6381 xt 290 (in the GTA) or toll-free: 866.395.8904 xt 290.

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