Inspirational Keynote Presentations


Our inspirational keynote presentations deliver inspiring and empowering messages through a unique and dynamic approach. With an authentic and genuine delivery, our focus is on sharing stories, experiences and challenges that are commonly faced by young people. Through a “touch before we teach” approach; we first share our own personal stories and challenges experienced in our childhood and teenage years allowing the students to relate to us personally. We capture the attention of our audiences and build an emotional and mental connection with all those who are in attendance.

This process assists in opening our audiences’ minds and hearts to the wisdom portion which often includes new ideologies, philosophies, objectives and specific tools and strategies that help our audiences feel more inspired and empowered to create more positive change in their own lives, and motivated to start sharing what they have learned with their peers, families and communities.

Our Keynote Speakers “walk the talk” and are authentic examples of the principles and ideologies that they teach. They are engaging, knowledgeable and charismatic.

Our main keynote speaker is our founder Michael Eisen. He has spoken to over 80,000 youth, parents, and educators across North America on various different topics addressing the most pressing issues our youth face today. Michael has shared the stage with some of the most highly sought after speakers in the self-empowerment, leadership and education industries and has partnered with well over 80 schools and organizations to deliver his highly successful presentations and training programs.

The Key Issues that we address:

  • Mental Health & Well-Being
  • Bullying / Cyber Bullying
  • Self-Esteem
  • Student Stress and Anxiety
  • Pressure to Succeed
  • Fear of Failure
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication

Speaking Topics and Details:

Our most popular presentations:

The Power of Your Choice (grades 6 – 12) is Michael’s most popular keynote presentation as he shares his story of childhood and teenage challenges that led to a breakdown at the age of 19 and how he turned that breakdown into a breakthrough. This presentation is all about acknowledging the power of our choices and how we all have the power within to be resilient to all of life’s challenges and road blocks no matter what our circumstances. In this presentation, Michael teaches simple and practical strategies for creating a positive mental attitude, alleviating and decreasing the pressure to succeed and get good grades that which create stress and anxiety, focusing on learning and growing, and building long lasting self-esteem and self-worth from within. (Have embedded video of presentation beside it)


How to Become Your Own Best Friend is Michael’s most popular keynote presentation for grades K – 5 and is based on extending the golden rule to treating ourselves the way we want to be treated so we can treat others the way they want to be treated. Michael shares his painful story of being bullied to becoming the bully while teaching key strategies and practices to help prevent this behaviour from occurring in the first place. The more we have our youth loving, respecting, and valuing themselves – the more they will begin to treat others with more kindness, care and respect. Bullying is a huge issue that is rooted in a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. This presentation addresses the issue at the core and teaches youth the simple tools to build a stronger foundation of self-esteem and self-love. (have embedded video of presentation beside it)


Kick off full school keynote presentations – We kickoff any program with a keynote presentation for all grades. For K – 8 schools – we will provide 1 presentation for K – 5 on How to Become Your Own Best Friend (description below) and 1 presentation for grades 6 – 8 on The Power of Your Choice. The presentations introduce our founder Michael Eisen and his personal story to the whole school. This allows us to build a relationship with the students and allows them to become more open to the strategies and practices that are taught.

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