Leadership/Wellness Training

Wellness Leader Training is a peer-­‐to-­‐peer training model that provides a group of students an opportunity to become wellness leaders in their school. Participants will learn how to decrease stress and anxiety, increase self-­‐esteem and self-­‐worth, increase happiness levels, increase clarity, increase productivity in the classroom, increase emotional awareness and intelligence, and to live with more compassion and empathy. This training program creates a sustainable wellness movement in your school that will last for years to come. We believe that in order to positively change culture amongst youth in our schools that it needs to be driven by youth themselves, and that is exactly what this program facilitates.

The training is delivered in an interactive and experiential format made up of group lecture, group conversation, individual and small group break out exercises/practices and debrief. There are 6 modules in the training program and each takes approximately 60 – 75 minutes to facilitate. Typically in K – 8 schools the students who are trained are in grades 5 – 8. In K – 6 schools it would be students in grades 4 – 6 and in a high school it would be students from each grade (9 – 12).

Once trained, this group of students would form the school’s student wellness team and would be tasked with the opportunity to carry out initiatives throughout the rest of the year. These initiatives could be full school events/projects or classroom presentations workshops, depending on what the group decides and what seems feasible to the school’s admin.

Additional Mentorship and Support meetings with student wellness team

After the initial training and brainstorming for the initiatives is complete we come back to the school to meet with the group of students and teacher leads assigned to support and supervise the group anywhere from 3 – 8 times throughout the rest of the schools year. We provide the additional mentorship and support necessary to ensure the students continue working towards their personal and group wellness goals and implement their wellness initiatives. We find that this portion of the program works great for schools that are not able to provide the necessary staff support to help keep the students committed and motivated to spread the message of wellness to the rest of the school and create the wellness movement in their community.

Topics Included in Training

  • You Are The Most Important Person in YOUR World (Self-esteem and self-worth)
  • Creating Your Own Beliefs (Building an optimistic and growth mindset)
  • Mindfulness strategies and Guided Meditation (practical ways to foster present moment awareness)
  • Making Friends with Fear(how to overcome your fears)
  • The Power of Perspective (strategies for respecting others and conflict resolution)
  • Creating Your Life Vision (discovering your passion and purpose)

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