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Empowered Teen Mentorship Program

(Ages 11 – 17)

Michael mentoring youth

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with school, your family or life in general?

Are you worried about the future, your grades, and what you will do with the rest of your life?

Do you wish you had the confidence and self-esteem to speak your mind and do whatever you truly desired, without worrying about what others may think?

Are you tired of being unnoticed, unheard, and misunderstood?

Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you were able to follow your passion, embrace your uniqueness, and fulfill your greatest potential?

If any of these questions describe what you (or your kids) are going through then the Empowered Teen Mentorship Program can help!

As a participant in this program you will have the unique opportunity to work 1 on 1 with our founder Michael Eisen (Author of Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living). By sharing the practical tools and strategies that he used to transform his own life (and help thousands of youth across North America), Michael will empower you to become more aware of your thoughts, words, actions and feelings and recognize how each are playing a significant role in creating your life experiences. Through these powerful 1 on 1 sessions, he will help you identify your greatest challenges, uncover your deepest desires, and fulfill your biggest dreams!

Michael is only 27 years old so he is not far removed from his own experiences when he was your age. He has been through a good portion if not all that you are experiencing and found a way to overcome his greatest challenges. By working with him through this 1 on 1 program, you will feel safe and comfortable to express what is going on in your life – as he authentically and genuinely shares everything about himself and his life with you. By having Michael as your mentor you will feel like you have your very own personal cheerleader in your corner!

By participating in the Empowered Teen Mentorship program you will begin to experience more self-awareness, clarity, and understanding (of yourself and others).


You will feel more empowered to

  • Make better choices that bring more happiness, optimism and self-worth into your life.
  • Realize that by filling yourself up first, you have much more to give to others.
  • Feel WAY more relaxed and calm and far less stressed out and anxious about school, family and life.
  •  Experience what it is like to live the empowered YOU, and as a result show up as a more authentic leader for your peers and classmates.
  • Recognize and believe that ANYTHING is truly possible, and with the right support and guidance you WILL go on to achieve ALL your heart’s desires!

Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes in length and can be done either in person (if you live in the Toronto area) or over the phone or skype. You are required to sign up for a minimum of 4 weekly sessions to begin and usually your participation in the program can last between 4 – 16 weeks (depending on the individual and situation).


Sign up here:

*By purchasing a package online you will be charged a 4% transaction fee that is built into the total cost that you see. If you would like to pay by cash or cheque instead please contact us at mentorship@youthwellnessnetwork.ca*

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For more information / if you have any questions about the program please email us at: mentorship@youthwellnessnetwork.ca or call 647 345 2326.

“As a participating student in the Empowered Teen Mentorship Program I found this program to be a powerful and versatile tool and I believe it can better the lives of many young individuals like myself who are feeling consumed by negative thoughts and stresses in their lives. It erases the apparent needs for material successes and highlights the true need for spiritual success and happiness. If you want to feel better about yourself as a person and are ready to make a positive change in a negative lifestyle, working with Michael through this program is a great stepping stone towards the attainment of a positive outlook on life, inner success and peace.”
-Shawn Bernard, Monsignor Paul Dwyer High School

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