Mindful Movement Program


Description and Program Outline:

Edane Kids Yoga PictureThe Mindful Movement Program is an opportunity for our children to create, express, connect with nature, themselves and one another — in the tangible, breathing world we exist in. This program focuses on teaching children to tune into simplicity, nature and enjoy beauty in everyday life. Our aim is for children to gain awareness and peace through yoga exercises, breathing techniques and meditation. We will plant roots on the importance of working together as well as getting to know ourselves. Lastly, we will end with gratitude and the art of appreciation, the building block to be mastered to forever exist richly.

Each class begins with guided meditation and yoga exercises.

1 – Movement, Breathing and Sitting Meditation (Connecting with the inner self)

Using functional movements and dance is an easy way for children to connect with their mind, body and breath mindfully. Sitting meditation focuses on the flow of what is natural, using the breath to calm the body and mind.

2 – The Art of Appreciation and Gratitude (Connecting with the world)

Appreciation and Gratitude are the two most important practices in life.  Without these practices, we become disengaged with the world around us and lose touch with our sense of being.  Through the practice of Tea Meditation, we engage with the present moment through our five senses.  Tea preparation is a great way for children to understand the elements of which the world is made of and why these elements are important for our growth.

3 – Being Present in Daily Activities (Engaging with Reality) 

~ Eating Meditation 

In this exercise children once again learn the importance of appreciation and gratitude for the nourishment of food and water. To know where our food comes from and how it made it to the plate in front of us gives us makes us appreciate what we are eating.  It also makes us more aware and grateful for all the people who have put in effort in feeding us and nature for its endless gifts.  Eating Meditation provides physical nourishment and also an emotional nourishment that connects children to nature and other people.

4 – Loving Speech and Listening Meditation (Connecting with others)

Often, we are not interested in what others are saying.  We are only interested in our response.  Listening meditation and practicing loving speech is a great exercise for children to THINK before speaking.  Using words that are truthful, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind.

5 –  Healthy Habits (Creating Rituals for Daily Living) 

In this class, the children will create a booklet to help live a healthy and peaceful life by exercising, being mindful and finding ways to nourish themselves.

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