Parent Presentations

Parent Presentations

Creating the Empowered Family Parent Presentation In this presentation Michael shares his story of the challenges he went through as a child and teenager and how it related to his relationship with his parents and how he was able overcome those challenges and build a strong, open and loving relationship with his parents.

He then shares strategies and tools on the following topics, parenting from perspective, living the empowered you to empower your kids, self-care and self-esteem, learning mindfulness techniques to decrease stress and increase energy, authentic role modelling, understanding your kids, listening to understand instead of respond, and empowered communication to help parents restore communication and repair connection in the modern family.

The presentation usually lasts 45 – 60 minutes + a 20 minute Q+A.  This can also be delivered in a series of presentations like I did at Eastview or 1 presentation on its own.

Other Topics Include:

  • Cracking the Teenage Code: Creating Conscious Communication in the Family
  • Creating a Mindful Generation

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