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Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living

Cover: Empowered YOUthMichael Eisen, founder of the Youth Wellness Network, has co-authored his first book Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living (through Hay House Publishing), with his father Jeffrey Eisen.

It is available in stores now

A story of a relationship broken apart and put back together, Empowered YOUth provides inspiration for those looking to heal their family relationships and empower the next generation in a more loving, open, and intuitive way. Through this engaging narrative Michael and Jeffrey help deconstruct the paradigms and beliefs that contribute to anxiety, stress and unrest within the family unit and provide a refreshing perspective on how parents and kids can work together to empower and support one another.

Empowered YOUth: New Hay House book by YWN Founder Michael Eisen in stores now.


Michael Eisen has become one of my favorite students. I know that everything he learns from me, and his own life experience, will be shared with the younger generation.
Michael together with his Father, Jeffery Eisen, has written this wonderful new book called Empowered YOUth. There are many books written by mothers and daughters, but I believe this is the first book written by a father and son.
There is a better life to be lived if we are willing to make some changes in the way we think, speak and act. Parents can heal, children can heal, and entire families can heal together. Michael and Jeffery show us a way.
I believe this book will have a big positive impact and create many profound changes in the lives of parents, families, children, teachers, and anyone who has a child in their life. I love this book and I am sure you will enjoy it too!

Louise L. Hay, founder of Hay House Publishing and international best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life

The compassionate wisdom shared by Jeffrey and Michael Eisen in “Empowered YOUth” is exactly what the world needs right now. Read it with an open mind…but live it with an open heart.
Michael and Jeffrey’s inspiring journey shows the importance of cultivating a life of awareness and tapping into the power of self-love. By reading this book you will discover a pathway to healing your life, your children’s lives and ultimately our planet.

– Michael J. Chase, founder of The Kindness Center and author of am I being kind – how asking one simple question can change your life and your world.

Michael and Jeffrey Eisen deliver a powerful message that shows us that we do not have to wait one more minute to step into an inspired life. With touching stories we are reminded of the importance of deep, intimate relationships, understanding how our minds work and having the courage to be who we truly are.
This book just may inspire a generation of Americans to get involved, bring their talents to public service and help steer America in an exciting new direction that can help us recapture the American Spirit!

-Congressman Tim Ryan, author of A Mindful Nation

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