Speaker Training

Are you passionate about helping youth?

Do you want to help educate youth on topics that aren’t typically taught in the classroom that help them better navigate their own lives?

Do you want to help the next generation lead our society in a more positive, compassionate direction?

Do you wish you could go back in time and provide yourself with the knowledge and wisdom that you now know today?

Do you share a passion for creating a life of joy, happiness, optimal health and well-being, and positivity? Do you want to help youth and those who support them connect to that same passion?

Are you driven to share your story and message of how you overcame challenges in your own life to help inspire others to do the same?

Are you getting excited even as you read these questions?

After spending 6 years creating, running and expanding the Youth Wellness Network, bringing wellness programs into over 100 schools and organizations across North America, and speaking to over 80,000 kids, teens, teachers and parents, I am SO excited to finally offer a program that will help our message reach thousands of more youth in need of inspiration!

Welcome to the Youth Wellness Speaker & Facilitator Training Program!

This program has been created to provide the training and support needed for any individual interested in helping educate and train youth in the field of wellness but don’t know where or how to begin….

I take everything I have learned in the past 6 years of founder of this organization and bring to you a comprehensive, step by step blueprint for how you can create a youth wellness business of your own and share your story and spread your message with thousands of youth in your community and beyond.

Layout of the Program and What it includes:

Phase 1: Overcoming personal blocks and implementing daily self-love practices (So you can increase your capacity and step into your purpose)

  • Uncovering and Overcoming the Blocks to your Success
  • How to build a strong sense of self-worth and self-esteem so you have the capacity to give more to the youth you are working with
  • How to make Self-Care a lifestyle so you can turn helping others into a career

Phase 2: Understanding Your Audience (youth, parents, teachers, etc.)

  • How to understand the mental and emotional capacity of our youth today
  • What challenges they face and why
  • How to support them with what they are going through
  • How to get a deeper understanding of their values, challenges and circumstances
  • How to communicate to youth so that they feel like you “get them”
  • How to speak to youth, parents and teachers in a way they want to be spoken too
  • How to get familiar with what they like/dislike, value and not value

Phase 3: Getting clear on your message, brand and purpose

  • Getting clear on your personal story – what you went through and why it is relevant to youth today
  • Discovering your message how to use your voice as a tool for inspiration
  • How to share your story so it is captivating, engaging and relate-able to your audience
  • How to take your area of expertise and deliver it to a new audience (if already trained in a wellness field of expertise)
  • What you want to teach youth and why
  • Why you’re here on this planet and what you are being nudged towards
  • What gets you the most excited and brings you the most joy about this work
  • How to develop your personal brand and leverage the value you bring to others

Phase 4: How to turn your message into a presentation, workshop and training program

  • How to create your own programs
    • The nuts and bolts of a “keynote presentation”, “signature workshop and/or training program”, and “after school program”
  • Combining your passion, your mission and your personal story and creating programs that fit who you are as a teacher and what your audience needs
  • How to structure it in a way that the school administrators realize they need it and the students want to be a part of it
  • Discover your unique speaking style
  • How to go about implementing wellness programs in schools
    • How to master the difference between speaking, teaching and facilitating
    • How to keep an audience engaged
    • How to provide an experience for your participants
  • How to embody what you want to teach others 

Phase 5: How to structure your business around your message and create a sustainable livelihood

  • How to get your wellness “programs” into schools
    • Who to reach out to
    • How to approach them
    • What’s needed to get them to commit
    • Difference between your client and consumer
    • How to set up the initial meeting
    • How to close the “sale”
    • How to manage the relationship
  • How to manage the day to day operations
    • How to logistically plan out a program schedule
    • How to work with the teachers and admin who are supporting the program
    • How to manage the relationship with youth you work with and administrators / teachers who hire you
    • How to create invoices and manage accounts payable
  • How to plan out your finances to sustain your livelihood
  • How to overcome upper limit problems
  • How to create a positive love story with money

Benefits of the training program:

This program will help you become…

  • Confident in your ability to speak and teach in front of small and large audiences of youth, teachers and parents
  • Clear on your message that you want to share with the next generation
  • Capable of running your own youth wellness business making a living doing what you love
  • Mindful of any habits and blocks that previously held you back and most importantly how to overcome them moving forward
  • Empowered and motivated to reach thousands of youth with your story, message and inspiring wellness programs and presentations
  • Inspired to impact the next generation of youth by teaching them practical wellness tools not taught in the classroom
  • Authentic in your delivery by speaking through your own personal experience

Who is it for?

This training program is for anyone interested in helping and inspiring youth through various forms of health and wellness but don’t know where to begin or how to turn it into a full time job. Whether you are a trained facilitator/practitioner in a field of expertise and want to work with a younger demographic or you are a passionate, young person motivated by helping youth and have an inspiring story to share from your own life, this program caters to your specific needs based on where you are at in your life.

How it’s delivered:

The program is composed of ten 1 hour sessions over skype and delivered over a 3 – 4 month time period. In between each session you will be provided with unlimited support via email to answer any burning questions or issues that arise.


The investment for this program which includes 10 skype training sessions and unlimited email support throughout the program is $1,500 (includes taxes)

Payment plans are available upon request and in special circumstances financial relief can be extended.

Registration / Additional Questions:

If you are ready to sign up for this program or simply ask some questions to our founder Michael Eisen directly – please email michael@youthwellnessnetwork.ca to set up your free consultation call to discuss the possibilities!

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