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    Moving from Learning to Growing

    Throughout the past 9 years that I have been on this journey of self-discovery and improvement. I have learned a great deal about myself, others and life. I have had many deep and philosophical conversations, heard some very profound presentations, and read some incredibly insightful books but it wasn’t until I started taking action on […]

    Founder's Wisdom

    Don’t Dictate, EDUCATE

    A few weeks ago I was over at my brother’s house for dinner and something happened between him and his son that triggered me. My nephew wanted to go into a tight corner in their living room to get something that had rolled in there but my brother responded with a quick no, don’t go […]

    Founder's Wisdom

    Be True To Yourself, No Matter What the Circumstance

      A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to attend my good friend’s bachelor party. For many guys this would bring great excitement and anticipation but for me, especially the few weeks leading up to the weekend getaway, I felt more nervous and uncomfortable than anything else. I started to feel a lot […]

    Founder's Wisdom

    Be Patient with Love

    The uni-verse has certainly thrown me a lot of curve balls the past couple of years when it comes to love and romantic relationships and I certainly have learned so much about love and myself from all of them. I believe that life always brings us exactly what we need when we need it, and […]

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    A Special Interview with Meghan Telpner to talk Undiet!

    I sat down recently with the amazing Meghan Telpner to discuss her new book Undiet and how it can impact the youth of our world! You do not want to miss this as it is jammed pack with relevant and inspiring information for youth and anyone who has a youth in their lives! If you […]

    Founder's Wisdom

    From Limitation to Liberation: A 2 Step Process for Overcoming Internal Obstacles

    For many of us, when we are children we are taught many belief systems from our parents, teachers, friends and society as a whole. We are like sponges absorbing everything that we are witnessing, hearing and experiencing. However when we get older and start to carve out our own identity, we often are held back […]

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    What I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was Young

    What I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was Young  My good friend’s son recently celebrated his 1st birthday and instead of getting him a gift he requested that I write him a letter with any advice I would want him to have later on in his life. I was so inspired by the message […]

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    Things Are Not Always As They Seem

    I have been on my journey of personal growth and discovery for over 8 years now. I have read many books, been to many seminars, had many sessions with coaches and healers and experienced very profound and powerful shifts through meditation, sound healing and so many other modalities. But I have to say that one […]

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    Learning to Find Peace in the Confusion and Uncertainty

    2013 has certainly been an interesting ride for me so far. Coming into the beginning of the year I was riding a big high! My first book had just been published by Hay House, my business was flourishing, opportunities to empower youth and parents were abundantly flowing into my life, I had absolute clarity on […]

    Founder's Wisdom

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    The Faith Factor: 3 Practices to Eradicate Fear and Strengthen Your Faith

    We all know how debilitating fear can be right? But it doesn’t have to rule your life! I’ve found that in my own life if I can make friends with my fears, accept that I have them and that they do surface at times, and then to choose to let them go instead of dwell […]