Have you ever wondered what our schools would be like if students were more resilient, teachers were less stressed, and parents felt more connected to their kids?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the mental health and wellness challenges faced and wish you could help solve them at the root cause?

What if everyone was on the same page when it came to school and community-wide mental health and well-being?

Now more than ever…


• Are facing all-time high levels of stress and anxiety

• Are more disconnected from their parents and teachers

• Are more distracted and have a hard time focusing on one task

• Are lacking the necessary social skills to develop healthy relationships

• Are less physically active and healthy

• Are seeking more external validation from their peers, parents, and teachers

• Feel like they don’t belong at school and at home

• Feel more uncertain of themselves and their futures


• Feel more job-related stress and pressure

• Feel undervalued and unappreciated

• Feel overwhelmed by external and internal expectations

• Feel unequipped in supporting student well-being

• Are struggling to find a healthy and balanced lifestyle

• Are having a hard time finding solutions in uncertain times

• Are struggling to stay healthy and physically active

• Are more drained and burnt out


• Are more concerned with their kid’s well-being

• Are struggling to find time for themselves

• Are having a harder time relating to what their kids are going through

• Are struggling to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle

• Are finding it difficult to get support for themselves and their kids

• Are struggling to find a sense of peace and relaxation

• Feel disconnected from their kids

• Feel like they don’t have enough energy for everything and everyone

Administrators are concerned with how to incorporate mental health and well-being into the school culture and improvement plan but don’t know where to begin or how to get the results they want!

That’s where we come in…

Here at the Youth Wellness Network, we have created a three-prong approach supporting schools and communities in achieving this exact goal.

The Youth Wellness Network (YWN) Programming offers training and resources for students, parents, and teachers in an experiential and hands-on learning environment. Our mission is to inspire participants to live happier and healthier lives by sharing evidence-based tools and strategies that increase individual mental health and well-being.

In response to the growing need for mental health education and resources, YWN has established itself as a trusted go-to organization that has successfully provided an interactive program in 300+ schools and organizations over the last 10 years with tremendous results.

Within our programming, students, teachers, and parents all receive congruent evidence-based tools and strategies that help develop more self-awareness, self-worth, emotional intelligence, and help foster a positive mindset.

Our philosophy is to uncover the root cause of our participant’s mental health and well-being challenges and provide sustainable tools, practices, and strategies that leave students feeling more resilient, teachers feeling less stressed, and parents feeling more connected.

We work directly with you to customize our program and approach in order to accomplish your goals and best fit your community’s needs.

Are you ready to take the next step in transforming your school’s culture and making mental health and well-being a priority?

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Lori Campbell, Principal

Hodgson Middle School

We worked with Michael and his team beginning in 2018 for our Family Wellness Night, an annual event we host during Children’s Mental Health week.  Our initial engagement helped to foster and support a larger school based endeavour. As a school we use the inquiry strategy to help guide student learning so that students have a voice and choice in what and how they learn.  Supporting our health inquiry, the YWN team worked with and trained our school Wellness team to run a variety of initiatives that not only complemented our health inquiry but also helped us grow as a school community. They assisted and supported us in executing a vital part of what makes our school such a great place to be!  We are so impressed by the professionalism of Michael and his team that we recommend the Youth Wellness Network to any school community looking to support the mental health and wellness of its staff, students and parents. The Youth Wellness Network is exactly the right kind of partner that any school board needs moving forward to assist schools in meeting their School Improvement goals.